It’s not just food, it’s hundreds of emotions entangled into one another. We strive to delight you with New Culinary Experiences.

Dry Fruit Chikki

Fancy Crush Peanut Chikki

Fancy Crush Peanut Chikkii

Fancy Til Chikki-1

Malai Chikki

Rajgira Chikki Cub

Organic Gud Chikki

Rose Dryfruit Chikki

Rose Rajgira Chikki


Peanut Chikki

Peanut Laddu

Badam chikki

Badam pista chikki

Black till papdi

Chana chikki

Chocolate chikki

Crush peanut chikki

Flax seed chikki

Kaju badam pista chikki

Kaju chikki

Kurmura Laddu

Mix Chocolate Chikki

Mix grain Chikki

Peanut Laddu

Peanut Chikki

Protein Bar Chikki

Rajgira Laddu

Sugar Free Kaju Pista Chikki

Rajgira Laddu 2

Sugar Free Pista Chikki

Till Laddu

Till Chikki

Till Papdi